Our Company

MKT North America offers the highest quality thermoplastic edgebanding products in the industry. MKT (Moderne Kunststoff-Technik) stands for in-depth expertise in the development and production of ALPHA-TAPE® edgebanding.

We have the products you need, available when you need them.

As a key player in the global wood-based panel industry, MKT exemplifies unwavering dedication to customers, showcasing manufacturing flexibility and an innovative market approach. MKT's journey has propelled us to become one of Europe's leading edgebanding manufacturers, extending our impact worldwide.

Since 1991, MKT has focused on engineering the best edgebanding products in the industry.


At MKT North America, our mission is to consistently enhance the synergy between decor, embossing, and gloss level, thereby elevating the 'natural' effect of our edges. Each edgebanding solution encapsulates the expertise gained from the meticulous pairing of thousands of decors and colors, complemented by a diverse array of printing structures and surface finishes. This ensures our customers the confidence of consistently receiving ALPHA-TAPE® edgebanding that impeccably aligns with their expectations.

Crafting Innovation and Quality: We are a company built on years of experience in developing and manufacturing top-quality edgebanding solutions.      
Diverse Selection:  We offer a wide range of finishes, including solid colors, trendy woodgrains, high-gloss surfaces, and anti-fingerprint matte options.
Trusted Materials:  Our edgebanding is made from high-quality, certified plastics like ABS and PP, ensuring durability and performance.

For more than 30 years MKT (Moderne Kunststoff-Technik) – based in Germany – stands for in-depth expertise in the develop­ment and pro­duction of thermo­plastic edge­banding branded ALPHA-TAPE®. It is our aim to continuously improve the interplay of decor, embossing and gloss level and thus the “natural” effect of our edges.