ALPHA-TAPE® ABS edgebanding is a thermoplastic edging developed for the decorative finishing of composite panels. It has a protective as well as a design function. The edgebanding is produced from acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and colored completely through.

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is a copolymeric, thermoplastic material that has already been used in the furniture industry for over 50 years. The specific combination of individual monomers results in a particularly impact-resistant, mechanically and thermally highly resilient plastic. At the same time, ABS is known for its very good printability, varnish and polishability, and is therefore ideal for the production and further processing of edgebanding.

Expressive Decor Reproductions

This high quality thermoplastic offers many outstanding attributes – enhanced impact resistance, thermal and dimensional stability, homogenous color, surface printability, and can be incinerated as part of a scrap recovery system. The specific construction of ABS is ideal for the production and post-processing of edgebanding (trim, scrape, mill, polish, etc.). ALPHA-TAPE® ABS from MKT, coated on the backside with a universal primer, can be processed using any of the current adhesives based on EVA, PUR, and APAO, thus allowing it to run on all conventional edgeband equipment.

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Alpha Tape PP Zero

ALPHA-TAPE® PP (Polypropylene) Zero is the innovative edge of MKT, which can be used for all currently available zero-joint technology applications. Our product features a proprietary, extremely hard, co-extruded functional layer (also based on PP) that replaces conventional adhesives in the edgebanding process.

Alpha Tape Metallica

ALPHA-TAPE® Metallica uses a thin layer of metal foil laminated to a thermoplastic edgeband to present the look and feel of real metal, without the processing challenges of a true metal edgeband.