ALPHA-TAPE® PP ZERO is the innovative edgebanding made by MKT, which can be applied with all currently available zero-joint technologies without any specific modification required.

Image Courtesy of: Primary Kitchen - Denver, CO

Based on our environmentally harmless ALPHA-TAPE® PP edgebanding, ALPHA-TAPE® PP ZERO features a special co-extruded functional layer that is colormatched with the surface layer of the edgebanding. This functional layer is activated by one of the zero-joint technologies and thus ALPHA-TAPE® PP ZERO bonds perfectly and durably with the composite material.

Seamless. Glue-less.

No matter if it is processed by Laser, Hot-Air or NIR (near-infrared), in through-feed machines or on CNC/BAZ machining centers, an invisible, homogeneous and seamless transition is achieved with all processes.

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Perfectly manufactured parts

Significant increase in visual quality, durability and usability, no penetration of moisture or dirt.

Even parts with radii

In perfect quality and without any visible joint.

No signs of aging or wear marks

Enhanced heat resistance.

Visually and haptically high quality transitions

Through colormatched functional layer.

Stable processing

No complex coordination of edge banding material, primer and adhesive, reduction of cleaning efforts, no waiting or set-up times for color changes.

Post-processing at CAM or CNC/BAZ machines without smearing

Thanks to the high material hardness of the co-extruded functional layer, extremely durable especially in the welding joint, reduction of expensive separating and cleaning agents.

A constantly equal layer of thicknesses and cross-sections

Of top layer and functional layer due to calendaring production method.


ALPHA-TAPE® PP ZERO features a proprietary, extremely hard, co-extruded functional layer (also based on PP) that replaces conventional adhesives in the edgebanding application. When this special functional layer is activated by hot air, laser, or NIR, a durable and glueless bond is formed to the substrate material.  Because the color of the functional layer is perfectly matched to the edgeband surface color, the end result is a seamless, glueless, and invisible transition from the edge of the panel to the surface of the panel, a zero edge.

The resulting lack of a glue line means increased performance in the glue joint:

  • There is less collecting of dirt and bacteria in the glue joint over time.
  • There is markedly diminished aging or yellowing of the glue joint over time.
  • There is less chipping out of the edge over time due to the extreme bonding of the functional layer.
  • Having no glue line means no glue smear on the edge, resulting in minimal post-production cleanup of panels, saving time and money.

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Image Courtesy of: Primary Kitchen - Denver, CO

Alpha Tape Metallica

ALPHA-TAPE® Metallica uses a thin layer of metal foil laminated to a thermoplastic edgeband to present the look and feel of real metal, without the processing challenges of a true metal edgeband.

Alpha Tape ABS

For fifty years ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) has been used to produce edgebanding for decorative and functional use in the global wood-based panel market.